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Welcome to the world of Toy Blast MOD APK. Here, you will find thousands of colorful and fun puzzle levels. Just tap the screen to solve the puzzle and feel the fun at your fingertips. In addition to great bonuses, you can create many exciting combinations to get record scores.
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29 January, 2024
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Welcome to the world of Toy Blast MOD APK. Here, you will find thousands of colorful and fun puzzle levels. Just tap the screen to solve the puzzle and feel the fun at your fingertips. In addition to great bonuses, you can create many exciting combinations to get record scores. The game also offers fun daily events and a legendary arena where you can compete with your friends. Each event comes with great rewards to unlock and explore. What’s better than that? Get ready to start a fantastic puzzle on your screen.

This game downloads on any Android or iOS smartphone, and once you do, you’ll be able to experience a gorgeous UI with animated characters and other features! You can also use the same blog to download a modified version of Toy Blast called Toy Blast MOD App. Below is the download link for the Toy Blast MOD App, where you can enjoy most of the paid game add-ons and many exclusive premium features for free. So, stop waiting and download the Toy Blast MOD APK as soon as possible!


With its seemingly simple gameplay, Toy Blast makes it easy to entertain players with such endless essential fun. Some notable advantages can be summarized as follows.

With an easy-to-play yet challenging-to-learn developer standard, you can test your skills in over 5,500 massive levels to keep players engaged for a long time. Not to mention additional mission event modes like Treasure Hunt, Crown Crush, Tournament of Stars, and Daily Challenges. The game enriches the gameplay, and the mission system comes with chests. With unique valuable prizes, you’ll find it hard to stop playing Toy Blast MOD APK.

If you think Toy Blast is a straightforward game, you have to tap and collect identical squares of the same color. However, the game added significant complexity by limiting the time required to arrange blocks in certain levels to a certain number of moves.

It brings a level of strategy to the game because, unless calculated correctly, the fastest and most logical way to find the most tiles is based on a limited number of moves per level.

Toy Blast MOD APK

Features of Toy Blast MOD APK

Play this fantastic Match 3 game for Android.

Hello, gathering! We’re finally here to surprise you with this lovely Android game. One of the most well-liked puzzle games available for Android in its category, it requires you to solve problems with matching colors to advance through the stages and get high scores. While there are millions of games available on the Google Play Store to keep you occupied for a while, Toy Blast will prevent you from growing bored.

So, when you are ready to start, you can download Toy Blast from the Google Play Store, which offers you the best gaming experience. It is the third highest-grossing Android puzzle game in the entire Google Play store and has a candy maker game interface. Gone are the good old days when you had to mix and match candies because nowadays, they’re more accessible, and all you have to do is tap them!

Enjoy over 4500 unique game levels you will never get bored of.

It may seem strange or impossible, but Toy Blast for Android offers you more than 4500 levels in the game. Yes, it’s half of Candy Crush, but we believe in quality over quantity. It means you will always enjoy playing this game, as it takes a year to complete the 4500+ levels. In addition, the race’s difficulty increases with each game level. So, start the complete installation and download the Toy Blast MOD APK today!

Play Legends Arena alongside the world’s most exciting events.

Fortunately, Toy Blast offers simple offline game levels and organizes online games for all fans. Yes, you are not wrong! Online events in the game are a part that will never make you bored because it means online friends and global play. In other words, you challenge all your friends and random global players in Legends Arena, and at the same time, you can beat them all in the worldwide leaderboard by getting the highest score in each level. Start your impressive game today!

Get special rewards by completing daily tasks.

Every few weeks, reward events are added to the game! But you can still starve without reward on certain days. The game will offer you daily challenges during these weeks. These daily challenges include getting 20 yellow candies, completing a level in one minute, and more. You can complete these tasks and get coins, lives, free add-ons, and more. Stop waiting and download the Toy Blast MOD APK as soon as possible!

Download the modded version for high-level fun in the same game.

We know you all will start with a big break in Toy Blast to fill your levels, collect power-ups, and complete the game levels. To help you solve this problem, we have developed the latest version of Toy Blast – Tou Blast MOD APK! It is the newest version of Toy Blast with all the exclusive levels and latest events of 2021. The modded version will give you premium add-ons and free game life. Also, this option is 100% seamless so you won’t be stuck between videos during playback. Now get ready to enjoy all the Fireworks features and get all your problems in one box. Download Game Toy Blast MOD APK!

Turn your fun game into an endless loop.

Let’s say you’re collecting all the candies in the appropriate Toy Blast, and when you’re about to meet the most remarkable character in the game, an ad suddenly pops up. In this case, you will be outraged and unhappy even after seeing this character. So stop ignoring those video ads and banners and download the Toy Blast MOD APK. The modified version has a 100% ad-free interface that will give you a completely uninterrupted area to create memories with the game!

Use unlimited bonuses for the most challenging levels.

Add-ons are the right hand of the Android puzzle as they greatly help in the increasingly difficult levels. Just like you see many bonus bonuses in Candy Crush Saga, the world-famous puzzle game like Rainbow Candy, you will notice the same bonuses here. 

Includes boosters such as a drill, train, vacuum cleaner, bucket, and brush to make removing the confetti easier. If you use the official version, you will have to fight endlessly to collect these goodies. Meanwhile, Toy Blast MOD APK gives you unlimited powerful boosters for free. Yes, you heard that right! Since you don’t need to starve yourself with challenging levels, you can download the Toy Blast MOD App and enjoy!

Enjoy unlimited life without downloading games.

Toy Blast also has a life protocol. If you don’t know, here you get five lives at once, which can be regenerated 3-4 hours after losing them. You can also change the time and date on your device, but it could be more enjoyable most of the time! End this murderous trend by clicking the link below and downloading the Toy Blast MOD APK. The modified version will give you unique opportunities in unlimited lives. Yes, you are not wrong! Now you can play Toy Blast App endlessly and put 100% effort into every level!

There is a complete open shopping list of whimsical boxes.

If this is your first time playing Toy Blast, you might not know that hundreds of unlockable items on the shopping list can only be obtained after reaching the required level of the game. Now, if you want to get all this without losing a single dollar from your pocket, then you need to download the Toy Blast MOD APK. This modded version gives you a complete, open shopping list to enjoy the free stuff without hassle. Stop struggling and start enjoying the great stuff!

Graphics and sounds.

As a game for everyone, it’s fantastic to manually create cartoon-style memes that look very weird and adorable in a different way. Surface texture, crisp detail, and vivid colors are well maintained but average. It doesn’t draw you in like other games of the same genre. It is a truly remarkable addition.

Although the audio isn’t that special, it’s not dull, with the sound effects of explosions and square blocks touching each other as you stack, and the background music is charming enough to make you feel like you’ve been playing for hours without stopping. 

How to Download Toy Blast MOD APK

  • Download the Toy Blast App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Toy Blast App and enjoy.

Toy Blast MOD APK


You are ready to play the third highest-paid Android game in the most exciting way you have ever played! If so, download the Toy Blast MOD APK! The modded version is designed for game lovers who need unlimited lives, boosters, and an ad-free game interface. Download Toy Blast MOD APK and enjoy it all for free!

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