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Tivimate Premium APK is internet television. Streaming App for watching live TV channels is provided by IPTV services. You can watch live channels without lag or buffering on your Android devices. IPTV provides live channels to watch on Android. You can watch all live TV channels on your Android device. It has neither borders nor geographical limitations.
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06 December, 2023
5.0 and up
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App Information

App Name TiviMate Apk
Category Video Players & Editors
Size 18 MB
Latest Version v4.7.0
MOD Features Unlocked Premium/Plus
Developer AR Mobile Dev.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.1 and up


Tivimate Premium APK is internet television. Streaming applications are available through IPTV providers to access live TV stations. You may watch live channels on your Android devices without latency or buffering. With IPTV, Android users may watch live channels. You may access every live TV channel on your Android smartphone.

It doesn’t have any limits or restrictions based on location. Create playlists that include the live stations you prefer. It offers an appealing and organized user interface along with many valuable features. An IPTV player for online media is this. You can access all TV channels for news, sports, entertainment, music, and live cricket. Add an IPTV provider to your playlist if you want live channels.

Having an LCD screen in the home space is very important to make it livelier, and all these shows and Apps should be available online. Who doesn’t love watching shows on the big screen? Now, the first arithmetic that comes to mind is to set up the receiver for internet access and then buy a remote control to control the key, so set it up with everything else, and let’s not forget how much hassle this remote is.

To end all these worries, Tivimate Premium APK MOD has a solution that allows you to control your TV using your phone with an IPTV simulation solution. After installing Tivimate Premium APK MOD on your device, you can connect it to your TV and easily view and control everything from your device. The difference in IPTV usage may not be as big as in actual Internet access, but it still provides users with a good and satisfying experience. TiviMate Premium APK

Tivimate Premium APK Feature

Small in size

The most significant benefit of the IPTV Player is that it has small dimensions. There are many IPTV applications in the Google Play Store, but most offer their services by occupying most of the local memory of our smartphones. Apart from all these mats, The IPTV player works with cloud playlists and, as a result, gives us more than 50 additional streaming features. Looks adorable.

Inscribe the URL and GO

Have you ever tried to enter an M3U URL into IPTV and stream the latest TV shows? If not, that sounds harsh to you. Tivimate Premium APK provides an online streaming service with an accessible M3U server. You can get hundreds of free M3U links and server downloads to enjoy great hours of daily content. In addition, this application adds the ability to paste to the clipboard from a button.

You won’t need to type and enter codes or URLs from your browser into Tivimate Premium APK because you can copy the URL and click this simple input resistance button. It’s time to stop using other paid IPTV services and use the IPTV Player APK.

Watch thousands of TV channels.

By thousands of M3U IPTV servers online, we mean thousands of TV channels. As mentioned above, you can find unlimited free servers using the method described above. All these servers contain a wide range of streaming content, including entertainment TV channels, news TV channels, movie TV channels, and millions of hours of free content. I’d like to know if any paid Android app offers such a voracious range. Does anyone know?

Run Xtream Codes Login.

Xtream Codes is a content management system that accesses the copyright company’s big data and presents it in the form of these Xtream Codes. If you have an Xtream code with a password, username, and hosting website, you can use it as your M3U URL and enjoy free streaming of all the content available in this content manager library. Maybe. Tivimate Premium APK provides Xtream codec compatibility at no extra cost.

Broadcasting of world TV channels.

Great websites sell thousands of free TV channels and IPTV content based on available URLs. No matter what region, country, or state you are from, you can Google your region name along with the IPTV M3U URL and find hundreds of free links, like cable providers offering free data. Additionally, you can filter the available data using these M3U URLs to use more of your content in your preferred style.

Easy to use:

What makes a good App? No matter how perfect the App is, users don’t like it. This is because such Apps do not consider the user experience. It is not designed in general but for a specific audience. But that’s not the case with Tivimate Premium APK, where you’ll find everything built for the perfect user and suitable for everyone (from beginners to professionals).

Unlimited customization:

Personalization is unique; it gives users a sense of power and control. Consumers feel cheated and disappointed when they cannot fulfill their desires in any order. So, this IPTV player will allow you to make unlimited settings without any restrictions. From basic to advanced, everything is under your control and settings.

Support for multiple playlists

Usage is one of the most hated flaws. In other words, Tivimate Premium APK did not have a certain number of persistent playlists or M3U URLs. Using the official Tivimate IPTV Player APK, you can only create one playlist at a time, no matter how many M3U URLs you buy.

If you want to get rid of this error and, at the same time, access great playlists, content, and M3U URLs, you can download the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK from the section below.An App with many advantages!

Create a wish list.

Another essential feature that Tivimate’s free plan lacks is the Favorites section. We all want to have all our favorite channels and content in one place, so it’s easy to find them later. Binge streamer, please don’t worry about anything while holding hands! You are ready to give free access to Tivimate Premium APK. A favorites list means you can bookmark as many channels and video content as you like Favorite Tivimate servers without paying a penny; Today’s best offer.

Watch live channels

Tivimate works with IPTV providers, and you need to connect this App to that service to watch live channels and TV shows on your Android device. This App has hundreds of live channels to watch for free. You can watch regional and international media live on this App. Live channels are in different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Spanish, and Urdu. Watch live cricket, news, music, movies, and shows for free.

Create playlists

Creating playlists helps you keep your favorite channels and shows easily accessible. This App allows you to create multiple playlists to add your favorite tracks and live TV shows with one click. Easily create various playlists and place them on the App’s front page. You can organize your favorite movies, TV shows, and live channels into playlists and watch them anytime without hassle.

Completely free

People love to watch movies and TV channels on their Android devices. This App is completely free to download and use without any hassle. This App allows you to manage all live media and movies for free. There are hundreds of channels and movies. Watch for free on your Android devices. Create playlists freely, organize different sections sequentially, and switch users: the interface and its free customization.

How do you download the Tivimate Premium APK for Android?

  • Download the TiviMate Premium App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the TiviMate Premium APK and enjoy.

Tivimate Premium APK


Q: What is Tivimate Premium?

The IPTV player app Tivimate Premium APK enables you to access live TV channels, on-demand material, and catch-up TV shows from numerous sources on your Android smartphone.

Q: How do I download Tivimate Premium?

A: The Google Play Store does not currently provide Tivimate Premium. It is available for download from the official website and independent app stores. It’s crucial to remember that installing the App from an unauthorized source might put your smartphone at risk for security issues.

Q: How much does Tivimate Premium cost?

A: You may use Tivimate Premium APK for free for five days, after which you’ll need to subscribe to keep using the App. Different subscription fees apply depending on the number of devices and the subscription length. You may buy a subscription on the Tivimate website.

Q: What internet connection do I need to use, Tivimate Premium?

A reliable, fast internet connection is required to use the Tivimate Premium APK. For HD streaming, a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps is advised. Please be aware that using the Tivimate Premium APK can be against the terms of service and copyright laws. It is crucial to respect the intellectual property rights of content producers and only to obtain media material from authorized lawful sources.


You may access live TV channels, on-demand material, and catch-up TV shows on your Android smartphone using the IPTV player App Tivimate Premium APK. By buying a subscription that allows for multiple connections, the App includes capabilities like EPG compatibility, recording, and the capacity to utilize it on various devices.

It is crucial to remember that using the Tivimate Premium App can be against the terms of service and copyright laws. Obtaining media information through reputable legal sources is always advised to prevent legal or security difficulties.

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