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Get ready for an adrenaline rush on your Android device with TAG After School APK! This addicting and addicting game lets you become one of many unique characters participating in an epic game of tag. Play as Shouta-kun, a shy student at a Japanese school.
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Get ready for an adrenaline rush on your Android device with TAG After School APK! This addicting and addicting game lets you become one of many unique characters participating in an epic game of tag. Play as Shouta-kun, a shy student at a Japanese school.

Get ready for stunning visuals and addictive gameplay as you navigate the haunted halls. Find valuable items while avoiding the sinister ghosts. Are you prepared to accept this challenge? Join the After School Tag Hunt!

Tag After School APK game world is beautiful and looks like a movie set. It seems like a typical anime scene. So players can experience stunning 3D graphics. But you won’t be able to do anything because it’s more of a clicker than a 3D simulator where you can control the character yourself.

Instead, you can jump to different parts of the game depending on where you are in the story. There are also lots of people to talk to.

During the game, you will encounter scenarios where you must choose what Shota-kun will do next. You must know how he feels about things, like whether he has crushes on his classmates or should join the basketball team, and then you decide which path to take.

The action takes place in a Japanese high school. The player must explore different parts of the school and interact with the students and teachers he meets.

What is TAG After School APK?

Tag After School APK is an addictive game for Android that takes classic kids’ games to new heights! Compete online with friends or strangers and unlock characters, power-ups, and levels by outdoing your opponents.

With the endless customization options available in this virtual playground, anything can happen, so buckle up for an epic Tag After School adventure!

This also means you need to create simple navigation buttons. You don’t have to deal with a complicated screen full of control buttons to move from one part of the game to another. At the beginning of the game, you are in a Japanese high school.

As the game progresses, shoto-kun learns more about his past and who he is today. In the process, he will have the opportunity to rewrite his story and expand his choices, ultimately leading him to self-discovery.

The game offers a realistic experience with graphics with great attention to detail. The controls are easy to understand. However, there is a possibility that the game contains adult content that is not suitable for minors.

Tag After School


Tag After School APK game is primarily for people who want to be in high school again. The good news is that some exciting game parts can make the dream come true. Check them out below:

An Exciting game.

The gameplay is mesmerizing, especially for Sims lovers. It presents realistic scenarios and asks you to make the right choices based on them.

It also makes the players uncomfortable so they can understand how Shota-kun feels in a hurry and how painful he is sometimes. This makes the game more interesting because you can see the results of your actions as you watch them.

Control in the game is easy.

The controls in the game are straightforward to understand and use, which is one reason why the game is so popular among gamers worldwide. You can easily walk, run, and interact with other characters while playing the game without any problem or difficulty.


The graphics in Tag After School APK are usually not the best, but they are good enough for this type of game. The game is more about the player’s intuition and story than looks. Therefore, 2D illustrations are not heavily modified by designers.

In any case, this is still enough to get you into the game. The characters, their costumes, and what they wear are refined and polished. Depending on which story you’re in, you’ll also see different rules.

Freedom to walk.

Although the game doesn’t allow you to participate in the action, you can freely walk around the school. Shota-kun must find his way through the school, and the players must help him.

Your primary dorms, classes, etc., as you will freely roam around the game world to explore different parts of the school. The better you navigate, the easier it will be to get where you need to go and earn more points. You understand.

Many Enemies.

Even though it’s not a fighting game, you must avoid some enemies. They often hide in the dark, so you must be careful not to get caught. You can also fall into dangerous traps. For example, a woman with a red mask can appear during the game and die if you get too close to her.

Game controllers.

Tag After School APK game controllers are also very easy to use—an easy transition from one part of the game to another. With the help of simple buttons that appear on the screen, you can choose from different options.

This means that when you get to the point where you have to make a choice, the options will appear on the screen. You can also click the Options tab to see more features or use Settings to change how the game controls if you don’t like it.

Free navigation.

You can freely move around the game map without any restrictions. You play a video game where you can go anywhere without invisible walls or artificial obstacles.

A few stories.

Tag After School APK game has an exciting chain of events that can go in different directions. At the start of the game, players can choose from several options. If you select one option instead of another, the result may change. So, in the end, when two players make different choices during the game, they end up in various situations.

Interesting story.

The game’s story is exciting and well-written. You will meet new, interesting people who know you without knowing.

How to Download Tag After School Apk

  • Download the Tag After School App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Tag After School App and enjoy.

Tag After School Apk


Tag After School Apk is an exciting adventure game with a unique experience. It will entertain you for hours with beautiful graphics, thrilling gameplay, and the ability to create multi-faceted stories.

Challenge yourself and shape Shatako’s future by making decisions on her behalf—who knows where you’ll end up? Download Tag After School Apk and start your exciting adventure!

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