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Reface Mod Apk is one of the most downloaded and used apps in the online photo and video editing app. This application will allow you to post your photos and videos on social media platforms, and you will love to use them repeatedly.
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18 April, 2024
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Reface Mod Apk provides fantastic features to all its users so they can easily enjoy their favorite App and face any problems while using the Reface premium App. You will get many new ideas, and your creativity will increase.

There is a photo editing app. Create artistic images and stitch images as you wish. It will make your photos funnier than ever. Change your face from young to old, transform into others, and watch videos of famous people. Just take a picture and then use the face transplant effect most realistically.

You can choose from thousands of famous people’s videos, such as singers and actors. Compare your face with their faces in your videos and photos. Then, share your picture with your friends. Or use it for different purposes.

Reface Mod Apk is one of the most downloaded and used online photo and video editing apps. This application allows you to post your images and videos on social media platforms, and you will love to use them repeatedly.

If you want to apply your face instead of another person or object, you can change the look, which will be straightforward in this application.

Reface Mod Apk

About Reface MOD APK

Reface App is a customization software provided by NEOCORTEXT, INC. It allows you to edit celebrity faces with just a few clicks. You can watch movie stars, athletes, musicians, etc., and shape your face.

This App is top-rated worldwide and has been downloaded by over 100 million people on the Google Play Store. Its popularity is due to its accuracy and ease of use. You don’t need technical skills to understand how the program works.

Reface MOD APK uses the latest face-changing technology that delivers impressive results. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce these results.

Reface APK has many features. You can use it to create GIFs, videos, and photos. The App allows you to share these creations with friends on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. This way, you can show the world your funny side.


You can use various features in Reface MOD APK. The editing platform has many elements in the free version, but even more if you buy the paid version. Some of the features are:


The main feature of this App is the ability to turn people’s faces into photos of the person or object you want. Recreate your images and replace your face with favorite movie stars, celebrities, or TV characters.

Freedom to make your edits:

Have fun animating your edits and bringing them to life. Add animations to make your edits more interesting to watch.

Many famous people

In Reface MOD APK, you will see the faces of many of your favorite characters, which you can easily create and enjoy with your family. This feature is called Face Swap, where you can change your face to a cartoon, celebrity, etc.

You can put it on anything. It’s straightforward to use so that it won’t take much time. You can surprise your friends by changing your favorite character’s face; there are no limits so that you can use it as much as possible.

Share on social media:

 Share your latest work on social networks like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, and enjoy showing results to your friends and family.

Various filters and presets:

Reface MOD APK offers a variety of filters and presets for editing your photos in unique ways. Instead of using standard black-and-white filters, try having fun with new filters that will grab the attention of everyone who sees them.

Unlimited sharing.

This App is designed to change faces, and Reface MOD APK 2023 gives you unlimited access to this feature. You can change your face as much as you want without limits.

Use GIFs and memes.

You can create and edit different GIF files to your liking. You can also make funny faces and memes and view uploaded memes to entertain users.

There are also many features that users can discover when they download and start using this software.

Animate a photo.

This feature is excellent because it lets you liven up your ordinary photo. This means your print will follow your instructions, which is fantastic. This is probably the most remarkable feature of ReFace because you can change many options. You can quickly become a brave hero of any celebrity.

How to Download Reface MOD APK

  • Download the Reface MOD App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK file.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Reface MOD App and enjoy.

Reface Mod Apk

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Does Reface need face swap time?

No, changing faces for still images takes a minute, but the longer the video, the more complex the animation and the longer it takes. You will receive the finished pro within minutes.

Q: Is sharing a photo after changing the face on social networks possible?

Yes, click the share button and post your photos on any social network today.

Q: Is it safe to use the Reface MOD APK?

The risk comes from the user, not the application. If a facelift is just for fun, that’s great. Or, you can use Reface to create a better image of yourself with a more attractive body and a better view from behind.

But for those who use AI face-swapping apps like Reface to group faces in a video, such as inappropriate content or photos of people over 18, this is highly objectionable. It is an ethics and conscience when using this software.

Q: Is Reface MOD APK safe?

Using the Reface MOD App, you can access the entire library of selected animations and videos. We promise you won’t have any problems using it.


Reface is a great way to prank or joke with your friends and experiment with your look. With Reface MOD APK, you can get all the App’s features for free!

Reface APK is the best App for those who want a new and exciting editing experience. Packed with features, editing capabilities, effects, and many filters, this software offers endless possibilities for creativity. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for users.

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