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Primitive Era ModApk is an RPG based on the ancient continent of Earth. There are only a few humanoid tribes, and the largest settlements are village-type agglomerations. The harsh landscape and prevailing superstitions mean that only some venture beyond their cozy villages. So the PCs will be nomads with primitive weapons. The game is also set in the Stone Age with early Bronze Age features.
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The RPG Primitive Era Mod Apk is set on prehistoric Earth. There aren’t many humanoid tribes, and the most significant settlements are clumps that resemble villages. Few people leave livable communities due to the rugged terrain and prevalent superstitions. The PCs will thus have simple weapons and be nomads. The game’s setting is the early Bronze Age, with elements from the Stone Age.

The Primitive Era MOD APK will transport you to the Paleolithic Era. Your goal is to help your tribe establish a thriving civilization. Little jobs exist, such as resource mining, building, hunting, and combat. Prepare yourself to fight your way through all of these jungles.

Your mission is to lead your tribe to greatness. You must create and manage a thriving community with well-designed villages, farms, and buildings. You must also collect wood, stone, and food resources to build structures and craft items.

In addition, you must expand your clan by recruiting villagers for different roles. In this way, you will develop your society and eventually build a powerful empire.

All in all, this game will take you on an epic adventure. Exciting gameplay and beautiful visuals make this a great way to experience the early days of civilization. Download Primitive MOD APK for Android and start your journey today.

What is Primitive Era Mod APK?

Primitive Era Mod APK is a strategy game also known as Primitive Reclic Survival Game that takes you to the prehistoric Era of 10 thousand years BC. It describes the life and behavior of the first people still homeless and forced to live in caves deep in the jungle. At that time, people did not have enough intelligence to build a high civilization.

If you installed the original Primitive Era mod Apk in the early stages of the Primitive Era, you could spend a lot of time collecting in-game currency in the Primitive Era to upgrade yourself or in-game payments. That said, it can quickly cost money. Whatever you connect, you will always have to invest time or money in the process, which is, unfortunately, the case in most strategy games. Using the Primitive Era mod apk, you can avoid these two problems and fully enjoy the game.

Of course, this game has in-game tools and utilities, so you can easily purchase and play the game without any resource limitations. You can spend up to $100 on a real game. If you need free help, you can choose the modern version of the Stone Age game.

Primitive Era mod Apk

Features of Primitive Era mod Apk 

Explore a prehistoric civilization and discover its secrets.

Go back to prehistoric times to explore the vivid, untouched jungle and conquer nature. You have to build a field from scratch and solve countless puzzles. Explore new continents with other bosses and interact with millions of players worldwide in real-time!

We are increasing productivity and advancing civilization.

In an age of scarce resources, tribal leaders must develop their clans with knowledge and build civilizations with languages ​​and tools.

Find the jewels.

Explore dungeons and uncover hidden artifacts to gain valuable resources. These items can be used to craft better weapons, armor, and other gear to give you an edge in battle.

Expand your clan with romance.

To adapt to the changing natural environment and continue to expand your clan, you need to breed as many offspring as possible to achieve maximum productivity.

Tame wild animals and expand your tribe.

Team up with different clan members to tame prehistoric beasts like mammoths and saber-toothed lions. With custom displays and various decorations, Primitive Era mod Apk aims to provide free clan creation for all leaders!

Fight for control!

Your advantage will depend on the strength of the army. So, it would help if you bought weapons and armor to protect your settlement. You can also build defenses like walls and towers to block attacks from rival clans.

Fight with other clans and become the leader of all.

Changing the strategies of buildings and heroes will lead to different gameplay. You will conquer the world and decide the direction of civilization as the leader of the most powerful clan!

Primitive Era Mod APK All Unlocked

Antiquity is full of surprises. Thanks to the new construction business, you can use different strategies to create a rich and unique clan. Customize your village and improvise new customs to make your little town stronger and more civilized. Magic structures like Fisher Shade, Natural Goddess, and Coconut Shell will refresh the look of your clan.

Wild animals at home.

To have a diverse tribe, you must breed wild animals for different tasks. Common animals include saber-toothed tigers and mammoths. Each is useful for specific tasks, and you should take advantage of it.

Beautiful pictures.

This game has fantastic graphics that will take you to the world of adventure. You will walk through lush forests, explore ancient ruins, and witness the birth of a new civilization.

How do you use Primitive Era Mod APK for Android Devices?

  • Download the Primitive Era MOD App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Primitive Era MOD APK and enjoy.

Primitive Era mod Apk


Q: What is the MOD APK update process?

The MOD Premium version of the latest MOD version can be obtained from The newest version of this App is not required. It still works fine without it.

Q: How does the MOD version not work?

If you’re having trouble accessing premium services, sign out of your account and sign in again.

How do you use Ancient Age: 10000 BC MOD APK?

Ancient Age: 10000 BC is a modded strategy APK for more features and free updates. To use it, follow the simple installation instructions below.

How to download Ancient Era: 10000 BC.

You can easily download the latest version of Primitive Era Mod APK. Go to and search for the APK name in the search bar. Select the required APK file and start downloading. If the APK file is unavailable, just put it in the app section.


Primitive Era Mod APK is an exciting strategy game that will take you back to the Stone Age. You must build your tribe, collect resources, defeat enemies, and develop your city to dominate.

It has beautiful visuals and challenging missions that guarantee an immersive experience. No matter your challenges, stay strong and never give up. With the right strategy, you will eventually succeed in the ancient epic of 10,000 BC.


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