Guild of Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Damage, No CD) v1.148.7

Guild of Heroes MOD APK - Guild of Heroes is an RPG where the player chooses a hero and helps him earn fame and money. The user must first select one of three letters from each class. He will then fight opponents and explore locations to find riches and jewels. You must consider your fighter's tendencies and skills to develop a successful strategy for a long fight and victory. Pay close attention to the tools and weapons you choose. Players are waiting for various exciting missions in which they can compete with their friends.
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In the role-playing game Guild of Heroes, the player selects a hero and aids in his quest for fame and wealth. Before continuing, the user must choose one of the three letters from each class. After that, he will engage in combat and area exploration in search of treasure and gems.

It would be best to consider your fighter’s habits and abilities to create a winning plan for a protracted battle and victory. Keep a close eye on the tools and weapons you select. Players eagerly anticipate a variety of thrilling tasks where they may compete against their buddies.

However, epic adventures in a vast, colorful game world are not all fairy tales, mysterious dungeons, and dragons. It’s also full of PVP arena competitions against wizards and guild wars led by other players!

After all, epic journeys in a vast, colorful game world will not be fairy tales, mystical dungeons, or dragons. It’s also full of PVP battles and guild wars fought by different players against wizards!

Gameplay for Guild of Heroes MOD APK

In the game, players will find themselves in a ruined world terrorized by evil wizards and ruthless monsters. As the main character, you accidentally find yourself in a battle between high and dark wizards. As you rush to help the Sorcerer Supreme defeat his enemies, the Dark Sorcerer curses you with a powerful spell that causes you to lose all your power.

Later, after being healed by the Sorcerer Supreme, you regain some of your original powers. However, you need to train again to get back on track. Here, the doctor will instruct you to take care of the rest of the monster and find a route to a nearby town. I immerse myself in an epic monster-slaying experience as you complete your first missions.

Complete them and destroy monsters to collect valuable loot and experience. Level up your characters and increase their power with new items and skills. Grow more vigorously as you embark on your ultimate journey to defeat the monsters.

With the help of other heroes, you will join forces to challenge the evil boss monsters that have been watching over the land for too long.

Guild Of Heroes MOD APK

Guild of Heroes mod apk features

Take control of your character and play as a mighty hero.

The game is a fantasy RPG where you control your character and become a mighty hero. You will face intense battles in the arena, and grand strategy will be required to succeed. Switching weapons allows you to play as a fighter and gain experience in different classes. But you should know you can only use one weapon at a time. This means you need to keep a close eye on your equipment to increase your attack power.

Develop your character by unlocking different skills.

The gameplay of Guild of Heroes MOD APK is quite addictive and based on RPG principles. The game has several modes and allows you to develop your character by unlocking different skills. Players can also solve role-playing tasks and collect epic gear. In addition, they will learn about the power of chaos and how to use it best. If you’re looking for a new role-playing game, try this one.

A new adventure

A new adventure has begun. Guild of Heroes MOD APK’s massive map system is open to all players. There are always limitations and restrictions. However, controlling a character to enter these spaces is time-consuming. Players will relive their childhood memories as they encounter events that only belong in fairy tales. Whether it’s combat or teamwork, each stage has its character.

standby functions without recharging

This version of the game does not have a standby cooldown feature. This means you can use your abilities without waiting for them to activate. You can also choose which weapon to use and attack with your hand since the official version has a long cooldown.

Fight legendary bosses.

Fight legendary bosses and collect powerful relics in the Guild of Heroes MOD APK game. The only thing that worries players during battles is the boss fight. Hero Guild creates bosses with terrifying, fantastic, and impressive skins to make the fight more exciting and intense. Additionally, the rewards from bosses, including gear, weapons, and relics, are generous and valuable. Players will always receive essential items when fighting bosses in each stage and can share them with teammates to progress together through dungeons or intense firefights.

A great mix of old-school and new-age elements

The Guild of Heroes MOD APK game is an old-school RPG with exciting battles and different continents. The genre is rising, and many games combine a classic style with modern elements. This game is one of the most popular of its kind. The game perfectly combines old-school and new-age elements. Even though it uses 3D graphics, it is still very effective, making it a great RPG experience.

Arena in Guild Wars

This is where you and other hero guild members keep track of your earnings and losses. Remember to meet other unusual characters and fight as you wish. Even if you lose, you can learn profound lessons from it. Warriors, wizards, and archers can gather here to show off their fighting skills. Prepare well before starting a decisive battle that will surprise your opponent.

Many trials and upgraded weapons.

Besides the fun of the game, Heroes Guild has several unique features. The role-playing game offers players many challenges and upgradeable weapons. In addition to the hundreds of classes available, the game has extensive content. For example, it has a lot of maps and offers a lot of freedom to customize and change your character. Guild of Heroes MOD APK also has a multiplayer mode.

expanded card system and different characters

Many players will enjoy the game’s extensive map system and fantastic characters. This gives you access to a wide range of weapons and armor. If you’re looking for a game that offers a variety of activities and options, Heroes Guild is worth a look.

Customize your character.

Unlike many other games, Guild of Heroes MOD APK offers much flexibility. You can customize your character to have unlimited options. The game has many different options that you can find in different genres. You can customize your characters differently and even play the game in two languages. You can also connect with other players through social networks. It also allows you to restart your guild after losing it to an enemy.

Weapons and armor

Unlike other sports, apart from weapons, armor is also part of it. If the gun helps to deal more severe damage to the enemy, the shield reduces the effect of powerful attacks. Combining the two will increase your attack power and help you survive longer in each battle.

Create a group of heroes and buy new equipment and weapons.

In addition to social networking features, Guild of Heroes MOD APK offers an engaging role-playing game. It provides many ways to communicate with other players. You can create a group of characters and purchase new equipment and weapons depending on your preferences. It also includes some role-playing games. Those who prefer this style of play will undoubtedly enjoy Guild of Legends.

Classes and quests for different characters

To begin their journey, players can choose from three character classes, each affecting the weapons and equipment they can use. On the other hand, the game’s career system allows you to add depth and development to each character class.

Each movement is designed to suit and adapt to each individual’s taste or style. Additionally, players will have access to various new skill systems for each job and can create their own to play the game longer. The game’s career system makes every adventuring party more decadent and fun.

How do I download the Guild of Heroes MOD APK for Android?

  • Download the Guild of Heroes mod app above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Guild of Heroes mod apk and enjoy.

guild of Heroes mod apk


Does Guild of Heroes MOD APK play offline?

Another feature of Guild of Heroes is that it is a standalone game. The game can be played entirely offline from the initial download phase on.

Can you play Guild of Heroes MOD APK on PC?

Play Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG for PC; take advantage of your PC’s vast and beautiful view to enjoy this classic MMOARPG! Destroy enemies with your staff, sword, and shield, or raid the dragon’s lair for great rewards.

How do I join a Guild of Heroes MOD APK?

To connect via Facebook, go to the hotel, click the “Friends” tab, and find your friend. If you don’t have any friends in the Heroes Guild, you can join the Heroes Guild Facebook group by clicking “Join Community.”


RPG games are expertly designed to provide a lifetime gaming experience with hundreds of exciting features. Here are games you can indulge in while playing and enjoying the feel of nature! Guild of Heroes MOD APK is also an Android game that offers all the features of an RPG with a fun game interface.

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