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For those interested in a new adventure and exciting gameplay, the Extra lives mod apk should offer not only a classic RPG game.
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21 March, 2023
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Hey there! In this blog, we will be discussing the popular Extra Lives Mod APK. This modded version of the game gives the player an extra life, which can be extremely useful in certain situations. We will review how to install and use this mod and its potential uses.

First, let’s discuss how to install the Extra Lives Mod APK. The process is quite simple. You only need to download the APK file from a reputable source and install it on your device. Once the installation is complete, you must launch the game and head to the in-game store. From there, you will need to purchase the Extra Lives mod.

Once you have purchased the mod, it will be automatically added to your game. You can then use it whenever you want, provided you have the required amount of lives. One potential use for this mod is to use it in conjunction with another mod that allows you to save your progress. If you die, you can reload your last save and pick up where you left off.


Extra lives mod apk

Enjoy exciting and exciting adventures in the game as you join the surviving zombie comrades to defeat the zombies and save the world. Immerse yourself in compelling and thrilling battles with humorous impressions and unconventional Gameplay. Unravel your epic tricks by engaging in fierce fighting. Get rid of zombies in ways you can think of.

Extra Lives Mod APK Interesting Gameplay

This game has eight battle groups with 200 unique characters. Each group has its own beliefs and methods for solving existing world problems.

When you join the game, your primary role will be restoring the region’s peace. Ensure you gather all the factions to move the area to the common goal. You will have to find over 50 different places to get there!

But discipline will be a challenge!

You will need to collect interactive elements to help you in your search. Make sure your gadget has unique ways to destroy enemies. This way, you can be confident that you will achieve your goals easily.

Extra lives apk

The fiercest enemies you will meet along the way are zombies and heartless people! So, to succeed in this game, you must constantly improve your fighting skills.

Interestingly, you can choose the number of zombies you want to fight. It lets you slow down the game by collecting weapons and acquiring unique fighting skills.

In addition, the game has a unique combat system derived from the magnificent Wrestling Revolution. It allows you to use special abilities that will quickly follow your game.

APK Extra Live Mode features

You can better download the Android extra lives mod apk and enjoy all the game’s features on your mobile device.

Simple and intuitive touch controls for extra Life

For those interested, you can instantly enjoy a simple game of hacking and zombie survival. Use the usual virtual touch controls in many other mdickie mod apk games. Feel free to slide your finger through the sandbox with your virtual partner and use the provided color buttons to launch various combinations and actions for attacks. Enjoy the many ways to humiliate your competitors.

Discover stories with deep stories.

In addition, during the game experience, Extra Lives mod Apk will introduce Android gamers to exciting stories that tell well, fight zombies or find ways to survive. All this should make the whole story very interesting and attractive. So increase your overall experience in a different life.

Customize your character’s own.

To make the event more engaging, you can create and edit characters in your game to make it more interesting. Feel free to change your profile with lots of personalized details. Change your character’s stats with particular initial combinations.

Change clothes and accessories to make the game fun and exciting. Plus, with hundreds of unique modes, your Extra Lives adventures should be more fun and exciting.

Extra lives apk mod

Join many battle groups and fight with others.

In the exciting mobile game Extra Live Mod Apk Android, players will enjoy this game, each with its character and eight different battle groups fighting each other.

But most importantly, despite the different ideas and goals, they want to fight all the zombies and give humanity a chance. You can choose from all sides and participate in their last quest to defeat others.

Lots of roles

In addition, Extra Lives offers many roles you can take on and play to make the experience more exciting. Here you will get access to more than 200 characters, each with unique features and characteristics that will enhance the story’s appeal in the game. Feel free to immerse yourself in selected stories and enjoy unlimited possibilities by discovering many exciting games and interactions.

Exciting places to discover and play

Anyone can use the excellent in-game options to enjoy the in-game experience. There are many places to browse with various interactive settings and elements. Discover 50 locations, solve puzzles, fight, and enjoy many exciting experiences.

Graphic Extra Lives Mod APK.

Get ready to dive into the storyboard with Extra Lives when you enter the classic MDickie graphics. Discover fun and exciting visuals with stunning battles and an interactive storyline. Like most MDickie games, Extra Lives offers unnecessary graphics that will allow games to run on most Android devices.

sound and music

In addition to exciting in-game graphics, Extra Lives offers deep sound to help you enjoy battles more. As a result, you can add to a great game or group at any time.

How to download Extra Lives Mod Apk?

  • Second, it will redirect the download page to you.
  • Then go to “Settings> Security> Allow Unknown Sources,” as shown below.
  • Then install the Extra Lives Zombie Survival Card on your phone.
  • Finally, open up and enjoy the extra Life!


What is the coverage of the Extra Lives Mod APK?

The APC of the Extra Life Size (Zombie Survival SIM) mode is 81 MB.

What is a virtual extra-life package?

Extra Life is a standard package.

What are the characteristics of the Extra Lives mode (Zombie Survival Sim)?

Additional life features include unlimited / unlock and more.

Final Discussion

For those interested in new adventures and exciting Gameplay, Extra Lives mod Apk should offer a classic RPG game and an exciting experience that you can use for free on most Android devices. With our site’s free and unlocked game version, you should enjoy it to the fullest.


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