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Cooking Fever Mod APK is a cooking game for those who love to cook. The game lets you get lost in a culinary paradise with countless dishes. Teach you to be the king of chefs and prepare delicious dishes. Prepare food according to customer requirements or simply food of your choice.
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Cooking Fever Mod APK is a cooking game for those who love to cook. The game lets you get lost in a culinary paradise with countless dishes. Teach you to be the king of chefs and prepare delicious dishes. Prepare food according to customer requirements or simply food of your choice. There are hundreds of cooking ingredients that can unlock your dishes. Players are also allowed to choose the location of the restaurant to manage. Build your kitchen and bring the best quality food. Cooking Fever will help you fulfil your dreams of becoming a professional chef.

Cooking Fever helps you fulfil your passion for cooking. Choose the right food ingredients to make the food exotic and beautiful. Cooking Fever opens up an arsenal of culinary tools where you will become the protagonist. Also, it would be best to decorate the restaurant stylishly to attract more customers. Every customer who comes to buy food will bring you a reward. Dozens of ingredients await you to cook and become a chef in your kitchen.

What is Cooking Fever Mod APK

Cooking Fever Mod APK This free restaurant management game lets you cook delicious dishes worldwide.

Choose from 13 unique locations, from desserts and fast food to oyster bars and oriental restaurants, where you can practice your skills in various environments. Use hundreds of ingredients to prepare delicious meals. In this game, you can use kitchen appliances that most people don’t have, such as a coffee maker, a popcorn maker, a pizzeria…

Cooking Fever Mod APK 2022, Your kitchen is designed for a premium gourmet restaurant with fancy interior accessories. The game is designed to prepare meals according to customer needs, with instructions using knowledge. You must select the right ingredients and recipe from the variety of available ingredients available to meet the customer’s needs.


The game revolves around a chef who embarks on a journey to build a culinary empire through hard work and success. The game Cooking Fever takes place in a restaurant where you serve snacks and cold juices of the customers’ choice.

Players will take on the role of Michelle to help her achieve her goals. During the game, you will have the opportunity to supplement your recipe and build your restaurant. You will take on the role of chef Michel, who offers a variety of dishes according to the customers’ wishes.

You choose between two unique fast food places, an Asian restaurant or an Oyster Bar. There are many interesting multi-ingredient dishes that you can offer your customers. You must be creative when serving food to make it satisfying and appreciated.

In this game, you have many tools to work in the kitchen, such as gas stoves, toasters, coffee makers, popcorn, and more. Different customers await you at each level, and if you satisfy the customers’ needs, they will. If you do, they will accept your food and throw it away, which can help the progress of your business.

By downloading Cooking Fever APK, you will enjoy improving your cooking empire and skills. Download Cooking Fever now!

Cooking Fever APK

Features of Cooking Fever Mod APK

Discover all useful and popular things.

To start your culinary career in the game Culinaryy Feve, you will be able to learn everything you need about the ingredients. Learn about over 200 different types of ingredients by learning and mastering their flavours, uses and applications. Develop your basic cooking skills while having fun in Cooking Fever.

Collect new recipes and save them in your notes.

Also, this game will give you information about different food recipes. You get direct access to some of the best recipes from the world’s most famous chefs. Practice cooking over 500 different dishes using your chosen ingredients. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner with new dishes.

An exciting time management game

Along with Cooking Fever Mod APK, players are also introduced to a time management game where they must carefully manage their time. Please don’t waste time getting customers to their destination or make them wait too long. Get caught up in the epic cooking game as you grow your business.

Great user interface

The interface of Cooking Fever Mod APK is so easy to control and play that even a 3-year-old child can play it. Downloading the game and opening it on your device teaches you basic instructions to understand it.

Once you’ve done that, you can serve customers. The game is simple with a simple user interface.

Discover new places as you explore the art of cooking.

The best thing about Cooking Fever is that the game provides players with large maps to move between different locations.

  • Restaurants in the city – Start managing the city by opening all available restaurants. Learn fast food by building your fast-food restaurant. Sell ​​sweets in your bakery. Learn about Chinese culture in a Chinese restaurant—Cook Indian style at Indian Diner. Sometimes, going for a pizza at a pizzeria is a good idea. Choose your favourite seafood at Seafood Bistro. Have your morning coffee at the breakfast cafe. Learn about Japanese cuisine at a sushi restaurant. Finally, try the best food in the gourmet restaurant.
  • Alpine restaurant – Go to your dream destination and start your business in the beautiful snow-capped mountains. Enjoy the view while eating delicious meat from Smokey Grill. Enjoy an Italian-style buffet on top of the hill. Head to the salad bar and go green. Enjoy a delicious coffee at Michel’s Cafe. Or try something sweet from Michelle’s desserts.
  • Paradise Island Restaurant – You can travel through beautiful islands with the city behind you. Start at the Ice Cream Bar, then move on to the Paradise Cocktail Bar. Experience American culture with your very own corn truck. Try the freshest Cafe Mexicana. Learn more about seafood at the Crab House. Make time to bake at Sunset Waffles. Enjoy Asian street food at your very own Thai food stall. Or go west with a sandwich shop. Finally, let’s have some fun with the Sarataki Lathe.

Play the most rewarding levels.

The game offers more than 900 different exciting levels for the players. As you travel to other locations, you’ll also have the chance to explore their complete gameplay. You can also choose the appropriate difficulty level that suits your current skills. Complete your levels and get valuable rewards.

Upgrade your kitchen tools and decorate your restaurant.

Explore the in-depth kitchen management game, learn how to upgrade your kitchen equipment and decorate your beautiful restaurant. Unlock additional food features and attract more customers to your restaurant. Use your creative and aesthetic skills and decorate your restaurant how you want.

The game was free.

All Android users may presently play the game for free. It implies that downloading and installing it on your devices would be simple. Ads and in-app purchases are OK if you have enough patience.

Discover a complete and satisfying game with our mods.

Either way, for those looking for their own game, we’ve got something for you. Download and install our Cooking Fever Mod APK. Save on your devices to unlock unlimited games and in-game purchases. Take what you want and increase the number of chain restaurants. The fact that there are no fees is the finest feature.


Explore the simple, addictive graphics in Cooking Fever Mod APK as you learn all aspects of restaurant management. Cook delicious meals and take the time to make your dishes look authentic. In addition, accurate cooking mechanics allow you to feel like a real chef in a five-star restaurant.


Enjoy relaxing and rewarding gameplay while listening to Cooking Fever’s beautiful soundtrack and theme music.

How to Download Cooking Fever Mod APK

  • Download the Cooking Fever App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Cooking Fever Mod APK and enjoy.

Cooking Fever Mod App


With its very appealing features, Cooking Fever Mod APK, the food theme created an unprecedented attraction for the game. Millions have downloaded it because it allows players to relax, fulfil their cooking dreams, and build restaurants. And so we see the appeal of this seemingly simple game. If you’re a foodie or a foodie, this is a game you should take advantage of.

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