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Blade Idle MOD APK is an idle clicker game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be a skilled swordsman and fight through an endless dungeon full of monsters and loot. The game features an intense and unique combat system that allows you to string together powerful combos to kill enemies.
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Blade Idle MOD APK is an idle clicker game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be a skilled swordsman and fight through an endless dungeon full of monsters and loot. The game features an intense and unique combat system that allows you to string together powerful combos to kill enemies.

You can also upgrade your weapons and armor to help you survive the attack. As an idle clicker, the game continues progressing even when you’re not playing, and you are rewarded for your hard work when you return. Overall, Blade Idle MOD APK is a fun and addictive game that will keep you returning for more.

The protagonist of Blade Idle’s latest work is an herbalist by education. He is now considered a national hero because he accidentally discovered the sword. The game puts you at the center of conflicts. Fight to the death in dungeons and strategize to destroy your enemies.

Launch powerful attacks to show off your superpower. Fight to defeat your opponent and get out of the dangerous path. Can you pass and win? Your ability to fight monsters and evil forces will determine the world’s fate. Use your strength and cunning to win the battle.

About Blade Idle Mod Apk

The game tells the story of a grass girl created by Blade Idle, an animator. She is an ordinary girl who loves wild medicinal plants in the forest. And unexpectedly, one day, he found a legendary sword. It changed his life and made him a mighty hero.

Have fun fighting in dark underground stone dungeons. The entire battle is in front of everyone’s eyes. After reading the story of the little green-haired girl, the player can understand the game’s main plot.

The player enters an area with a gray stone floor. Strong opponents await you in the game. Your fighting skills are essential to defeat soldiers and monsters. Use cunning and win the battle. Go through the starting stages and dungeons to develop your character as you farm. Don’t think your character is a girl because you’re skinny.

blade idle mod apk

Features of Blade Idle MOD APK

Change your appearance.

Girls need to change their clothes regularly. To meet the needs of a weed girl, Blade Idle offers a variety of outfits—many shapes and patterns. The animal’s clothing resembled that of a brown pig, a blue fish, or a yellow chicken.

The general wears brown armor and a long-sleeved green shirt. A royal suite with glittering gilded details. Office lady with a black jacket, reading glasses, and combed hair. Simple school outfit with a gray uniform skirt. Hair is neatly and appropriately trimmed.

Reluctantly accepts knighthood

At the beginning of the game, you can find an exciting cutscene that introduces the story of Blade Idle MOD APK. The herbalist was suddenly attacked by a forest creature while searching for medicinal plants.

When he suddenly saw the great sword, he quickly ran into the forest’s heart. He also raised his sword in defense and immediately realized its immense power. Now, the knight hunts and kills jungle creatures to save the defenseless. He is on a mission and will go with him.

Collection of goods.

When fighting youkai in a knockout battle, items and gift boxes sometimes fall to the ground. Click to save and get these gift boxes. Rare items can significantly increase a player’s power. It is divided into different elements, including accessories, articles, and support cards.

Armor can vary in color and appearance. Wearing it will strengthen your defenses and reduce damage from attackers. Your sword attack stat increases similarly to the Iron Gauntlet. It is intricately designed in a lovely vintage style in shades of yellow, blue, and grey.

Fight monsters and knights in dungeons.

Blade Idle MOD APK game has a massive fan base due to its gameplay and graphics. The player’s actions will be displayed vertically on the screen. Every battle is a challenge and an opportunity to show off your skills. Use your sword to get through each dungeon.

Learn to use different weapons and improve your fighting skills. As you explore the area, you will encounter many enemies. Each opponent needs other attack methods to succeed. Speak up when you see a discount!

Continuous improvement at every step

During the game, players must raise a knight. They are the ones who choose the character’s power and battle strategy at each level. They have HP, DEF, ATK, etc., and they will level up the surface after each battle, increasing stats. Also, every time a character levels up, they will get a new talent to use in the game. Also, equipping your character with gear is another upgrade option.

Fine Screen

Like conventional simulation games, Blade Idle appeals to a broad audience of simulation lovers because of its distinctive visual style and excellent graphics, maps, and characters. In contrast to conventional simulation games, it has a Blade Idle MOD APK upgrade that has produced a virtual engine and bold changes.

More advanced technologies greatly enhance the gaming experience on screens. The user’s touch experience is improved by maintaining the original simulation style. All Blade Idle simulation game enthusiasts may appreciate the fun that 1.22.0 delivers, thanks to its wide variety of mobile APKs with the finest compatibility.

Knight’s Way to battle

The main character will be equipped with a tool that allows you to organize a series of attacks quickly in the direction of the enemy. It is easy if you are strong and determined to overcome obstacles. Otherwise, the difficulty will increase with the number of steps.

As the difficulty level increases, you will eventually die due to carelessness. Guide the knight to the underground castle and start the attack. You have to work hard to complete this adventure. As long as you fight to the end, you will win. But the time spent on preparation is no less critical.

A library of swords

Having a legendary sword in your hands is one of the primary weapon types and the game’s pinnacle. Of course, replacing these swords was common. In addition to changing them, you can upgrade them to increase their attacks—the skeleton of a large fish and the leg of a miserable brown pig.

A giant sword with angel wings on top. The wooden staff was decorated with sharp spikes, and the trunk was shaped like a long brown loaf. No one remembers that the first sword was a long, straight wooden sword.

Unlock all skins and weapons.

The game also attracts players with a unique set of skins. These are dinosaur costumes, schoolgirls, office workers, and soldier costumes, how the appearance of female knights will completely change.

Unlock all your favorite outfits with unlimited money. The weapon switching makes it very relaxed and chic. The sword is still the same, but the shape has changed. You can use sticks, drums, knives, and sausages, depending on the skin.

Lots of weapons and tools

Players will be delighted with the Blade Idle MOD APK weapons. The sword will be the primary combat weapon for you and your allies. Every time you enter a battle, the system will change, making winning easier. Gloves, shields, and other items can have a small but significant impact on the outcome of an attack.

You have to choose when to use it to increase your income. The most direct Way to victory is to use every weapon. Armed with powerful weapons, you will easily defeat dozens of enemies. Upgrade your knights and help them succeed in their missions.

Many new skins and experiences have been unlocked.

Aside from the hardware system, Blade Idle MOD APK has another cover option. The appearance of female knights will drastically change, including dinosaur outfits, schoolgirls, office workers, combat outfits, and more.

There are many weapons, and each set is incredibly artistic and beautiful. The shape of the ball has changed but has remained the same. Depending on the skin, it could be a stick, a giant chicken leg, a knife, or a sausage.

How to Download Blade Idle Mod APK

  • Download the Blade Idle Mod App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Blade Idle Mod App and enjoy.

Blade Idle Apk

Detailed and dynamic 2D graphics

Honestly, I love the visual effects of this game. It has a detailed design, smooth movement, and impressive impact. They are made with dynamic 2D wallpapers. The combat moves are fast, and the character looks elegant and attractive.

The field became more colorful, and the opponents more unique. In addition, equipment and weapons are made incredibly quickly and creatively.


Blade Idle MOD APK is an idle clicker game for Android and iOS devices with an intense and unique combat system. The game also has an in-depth resource management system, dungeons, and achievements that you can complete.

The visuals and sound are also good, making the game enjoyable. Blade Idle MOD Apk is a thrilling and addictive game worth checking out.

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