Avast Cleanup MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android 24.01.0

Here at Avast Cleanup, Android users can run their mobile devices with a full-featured Android cleaner and optimizer that thoroughly cleans the system of unnecessary files and actively frees available system resources that can boost its performance.
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10 February, 2024
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Indispensable smartphones. It offers features to be used for specific purposes. Sometimes, it is also necessary to clear the phone of unnecessary files. Avast Cleanup Mod apk is an app that can free mobile devices from spam. It will also keep the phone active. Instant connection and no interruption during use. It provides all the tools to help you finish the job quickly. There will be no more unnecessary files on your device. Works effectively on mobile devices. It will enable quicker phone access for you. The phone usage speed will increase.

You are trying to get rid of unnecessary files vertically. But I need to learn how to remove them quickly. Avast Cleanup Mod apk will be the App that offers the fastest solution. The application increases the efficiency of using the device. Now you don’t have to worry about this problem. Make sure the sign-in process is fast and efficient. Remove unused apps from your device at the same time. Make your phone more organized. Avast Cleanup is one of the most versatile apps. You are meeting the needs of all users for various purposes. It’s easy to get maximum memory on your device.

What is Avast Cleanup Mod apk?

Here at Avast Cleanup, Android users can run their mobile devices with a full-featured Android cleaner and optimizer that thoroughly cleans the system of unnecessary files and actively frees available system resources that can boost its performance.

Allow free storage to get more storage space for your files. Use the Detox option to clean up your photo library easily. Enable RAM cleaners to reduce memory usage by removing unnecessary apps permanently. Reduce the consumption of system resources by closing some applications. Extend your battery life with all these optimized operations.

You can also monitor your entire system through the Overview menu, which shows you available applications and their status, your system’s media files and their current space, and several valuable actions you can take. You can efficiently perform in the App.

Avast Cleanup APK


Clear memory wholly or quickly.

Avast Cleanup Mod apk first task is to help users free up space on their device’s memory. B. Delete junk files, etc. It can also clear cache and other types of memory from deleted apps and files to free up memory for different things. Additionally, users can restore the core files associated with the application in case of accidental deletion.

In-depth file analysis and optimization

After the cleaning function, users can analyze the entire device memory for unusual file changes. The App provides detailed data and has an excellent user experience that lets you explore many content and results, including folders and locations. Flexible customizing the analysis findings may produce a wide range of user-desired results.

Improved efficiency for higher productivity.

Avast Cleanup allows you to speed up your system until it shuts down. It lets the entire system perform at its peak and exceed its limits, permitting you to work and play more stably, even if your hardware is not up to spec. Boost optimizes your smartphone for the activities and games you play, and it may be utilized automatically or manually.

Detailed analysis and review of the application

Over time, apps or apps use the device’s battery or power to run smoothly. This article contains a detailed application analysis that provides an overview so the user can look closer. Vital statistics, such as life, battery consumption, etc., are displayed. Users can block or turn off apps to prevent their use.

Sleep modes and automatic optimization

Avast Cleanup Mod apk provides users with advanced features and premium tools for effective system optimization and management. The premium model offers automatic system optimization as it schedules cleaning and file deletion to optimize the system. Hibernate allows users to close any application or area of ​​memory if it is causing lag issues or system errors.

Media analysis for exhibition management

Avast Cleanup Mod apk helps users analyze memory or media files by specific categories and applications. Lists the total memory or percentage of photos, videos and other storage. By clicking on any icon, the user can display more detailed information about it. You can remove or organize your gallery more cleanly with thorough and specific analysis.

Device and sleep optimizer

Optimization and hibernation features are also helpful if users want to extend the system’s or its components’ life. This function makes your smartphone more versatile and clever by enabling the system to cease all background processes and apps. It improves performance and optimizes the device by replacing almost all biometric system functions.

The premium platform was released for free.

All premium tools and features are unlocked when downloading the App from this site. With this App, you’ll enjoy advanced advertising tools and optimization without spending a single penny, and it’s free. Users will get the maximum benefits for free and immerse themselves in the best performance of the device.

How to Download Avast Cleanup Mod apk

  • Download the Avast Cleanup app above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Avast Cleanup Mod apk and enjoy.

Avast Cleanup MOD App


Download Avast Cleanup Mod apk for better device performance and efficient App and offline management. It provides users with unmatched advanced cleaning and boosting features: junk and less, cache files, junk increase and RAM; memory boost removes corrupted files and much more. In this ad platform version form, users will get the unlocked premium version for free to enjoy the free app service.

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