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We can also send files via Bluetooth, but it takes a long time and has limited access. Developers are coming up with new ways to send and share files, and they've found it in the form of the Xender app. This is a file-sharing app developed by the Xender Mod Apk team. Videos, photos, documents, PDF files, zip folders, and more. very useful for sharing large files.
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24 March, 2024
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We can also send files via Bluetooth, but it takes a long time and has limited access. Developers are developing new ways to send and share files, which they’ve found in the Xender app. This is a file-sharing app developed by the Xender Mod Apk team. Videos, photos, documents, PDF files, zip folders, and more. Very useful for sharing large files.

In today’s technological world, we like to share our daily activities, videos, and photos with our friends on social media. We use different tools to transfer these videos depending on their size. For example, if the videos are light, we will use WhatsApp or another platform. However, WhatsApp allows you to send only MB-size videos. We can’t send huge videos on this platform, and it also needs good internet speed.

It lets you share quickly. You can transfer any file in seconds, but its capabilities are not limited to sharing. You can also download videos and images from different platforms using this App. This app is also helpful for downloading many games. This is for you if you are looking for an excellent file-sharing tool. It has many exciting features.

The only problem with the standard version of the Xender app is the unwanted ads and notifications that pop up on your mobile every minute. To solve this problem, the default version of the Xender app is modified to give you the Xender Mod APK. This mod version will have no ads and notifications, and you will get the premium version of the Xender app for free.

About Xender Mod Apk

Xander is a great app that helps you send files to friends. Easy and fast. Developed by the Xender Files team, the App is loved by smartphone users. The App allows you to send large videos to your friends in seconds, and the speed is always high.

You can share photos, music, videos, apps, documents, and other files, and no file size limit exists. The App does not affect cable, Internet, or data usage. You can transfer files to your friends anywhere, anytime. The App can be described as Fast, Smart, and Shared.

The App has a clean and easy-to-understand interface. This extraordinary tool can save you time and works intelligently on all devices. It quickly shares the file with other platforms, whether PPT, PDF, MV, or any other document.

It would be best if you usually had a good internet connection to send large files, but Xender doesn’t have that. You can share flash speed without an internet connection. Download the Xender Mod apk for Android and share unlimited files as the App does not affect the file size and quality.

Xender Mod Apk

Features of Xender Mod APK

Transfer files at lightning speed.

Xender is a great tool for transferring files between devices. You can share documents and multimedia files without using a computer. Ensure WiFi or Bluetooth is turned on on both machines and transfer files from one phone to another.

Send unlimited large files. 

Xender Mod APK offers a better feature set than its competitors like ShareIt and AirDroid. You can send any uncompressed document or media files to keep them smaller. Sharing them through the App sends the actual file size instead of compressing them, significantly speeding up the transfer process.

As mentioned above, you can send any uncompressed file. But if your data exceeds 10MB, Xender sends a message that your device has reached the maximum size limit and asks if you want to continue. You must click “Yes” to copy the files to their original size.

Share files between Android devices and PC

As mentioned above, Xender allows you to share files with your computer. You can send documents or photos wirelessly from your phone to a Windows/Mac computer with an Internet connection. Ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network for this feature to work correctly. The file transfer speed is good, and I had no problems using it.

Xender Mod APK for desktop

You can also share files with other smartphones or computers over an Internet connection using the Xender desktop application. When you download this App, your computer will ask you to create an account to continue.

You don’t need a password to sign up for a Xender account, so you can leave this field blank and click Create. When you click the “Login” button, you will see a list of all available devices on your Internet connection. You can download photos from your phone to your computer or upload images directly to your device for free.

Free network and data connection

Xender does not require a network connection or data to transfer files. All you have to do is turn on WiFi or Bluetooth to share large files over the air. The App uses WiFi Direct or Ad-Hoc to transfer media files from one device to another.

Share everything and have fun.

With Xender Mod APK, you can share files of any type and convert them to audio or video files. Files can also be easily moved, deleted, or converted to different formats. You can also convert MV to MP3 format, as any device supports it. Xender can also turn training videos into lectures so you can listen carefully and understand the course.

Share all types of files without any restrictions.

Xender Mod APK is an app for various platforms like Android and iOS. You can send any file with no format or type. To t restrictionsransfer, ensure both devices are connected via WiFi or Bluetooth. With the App, you can also share files with your desktop computer. Make sure your computer is attached to the Internet. You can send any file.

MP3 – Convert video to audio file.

Another new feature of Xender is the “toMP3” button. When viewing your photos and watching a video file, you can click this button to convert it to an audio file. This is an excellent feature if you want to listen to music on your computer without downloading the entire video file.

How to Download Xender MOD Apk

  • Download the Xender MOD App above.
  • Install the downloaded APK File.
  • Launch the installer, then finish the installation procedure.
  • Install it entirely on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the Xender MOD Apk and enjoy.

Xender Apk


Q: What is xender Mod APK?

a) Xender mod is an app modified by third-party developers to improve the features and functionality of the original app.

Q: Can I transfer videos, photos, and other files for free?

a) You can transfer files between Android and iOS. Transferring files is the same as sending files to your device.

Q: Do I need to download an additional App?

a) Xender mod apk may require a third-party app like App360 installed on the devices you want to access.


Xender mod apk is a fantastic app that supports fast file transfer between two devices. With quick delivery options and a simple interface, the App manages everything smartly. You can connect with friends and share large files in seconds.

It also has a save status option to save videos from any platform. The App integrates seamlessly with any browser and provides the best sharing experience compared to other sharing platforms. You can download the original version of .xender from the Play Store page.:

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